Enjoy the Experience

A journey to Italy for a coffee course cannot be reduced to just taking part in a day of training, it must be also an experience, a pleasant moment that will accompany our training, and that maybe we will remember over time.

This is why Espresso Academy organizes many side activities in the period of the courses.

At the end of the day of training we have Italian aperitivo (some alcoholic and alcoholic drink with some snacks) all together… sometimes these are the moments when we decide to have some dinner (or a pizza) together!

Enjoy the experience

Enjoy the experience

Again, before or after the courses period, we can organize visits to famous companies of espresso machines (such as La Marzocco or Elektra) or grinders (as Eureka) or again we can visit the historical coffee shops of Florence or Venice.

Florence is also one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Our team will support you not to miss the famous monuments, the incredible museums and the landscapes around the city, as the Chianti area or the Cinque Terre and cities as Siena or Montalcino.

Are you here for coffee training and you don't want any distractions? The school is open at the end of every day course for further practice (latte art is the most popular) and for in-depth moments.