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Our school offers coffee courses on various areas, from green coffee to roasting, cupping and coffee sensory, brewing, barista skills, up to bartending, mixology and coffee shop management courses

Classes have various levels, from a little but fascinating experiences about Italian coffee up to advanced, professional courses.

Espresso Academy is authorized by SCA, Latte Art Grading System and Italian Barista Certificate. However, we believe that, if more than 2000 students from all over the world visit our school every year and if their reviews are excellent (thanks a lot!) It is not only for the professional level of the courses, but for the passion, energy and attention that we put in, and which for many turns their education into a human experience, with the trainers and with an international class. An experience in Italy and into what we love: coffee.

One Week Coffee Route

A very complete trail in coffee! Every day a full immersion course about a specific area. We start with the Green coffee, then Barista Skills, Brewing, Management, Roasting and Sensory. All the courses with the possibility of SCA and LAGS certifications! Your vacation in Florence is never been so busy!


Enjoy the School

Our school is essentially a group of people who are passionate about coffee. We love to share this passion, that’s why the support for our students doesn’t finish with the end of the course. Every month we organize free events, open days and "jam sessions" were we do cuppings, tests, coffee experiments and offer a lot of time for those who want to continue practicing their skills with the available trainers.

Enjoy Italy and Italian coffee

Italy is, in many ways, the country of coffee, the country where the espresso machine has been invented and developed, and well as the country where many famous names (espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato and so on..) come from.

In Espresso Academy you will enjoy your courses in an real Italian roasting company, having the possibility to visit partner companies as La Marzocco, Elektra, Eureka and enjoying your course in international groups, with coffee geeks from all over the world!


Our Trainers Team

From the international gurus (Marco) in roasting and professional coffee tasting to who publishes books about coffee shop management (Gabriele), from the Italian Ibrik coffee Champion (Helena) to the Japanese (Kaai) and Dutch (Robert) trainers ... All joined by the same fate: they have washed many cups at the bar counter!

The SCA Certification

SCA, Specialty Coffee Association is the organization which certifies the professional standards for those who want to work in the world of coffee and mainly coffee specialty and micro roastery. Espresso Academy is authorized by SCA for certifications of Brewing, Roasting, Barista skills, Green Coffee, Sensory and cupping and  coffee introduction. We can release certification Foundation, Intermediate and Professional.

The Italian Barista Certification

A complete and pratical training system, this is it the Italian Barista Certificate

Italian Barista Certificate is a certified training protocol used all over the world.

IBC focuses on the real needs of the barista: to be able to prepare the required recipes with efficiency, speed and self confidence. In practice it is an entirely practical training protocol, so much so that the theory is carried out before the course, with an online training system, and all the time in the classroom is dedicated to practice.


The LAGS Certification

The "Latte Art Grading System" is a degree that certifies a Barista’s skills in the decoration of coffee drinks, especially Cappuccino, with Latte Art.

This worldwide system is based on six consecutive "grading" levels, characterized by different colours: White, Orange, Green, Red, Black and Gold. Each level corresponds to the specific skill that the barista needs to prove during the grading exam creating latte art patterns that get more and more complex. Each pattern has to be prepared with very precise requirements.

Espresso Academy Coffee Campus

The most complete coffee training course in the world, carried on with the training standards of Espresso Academy, Espresso Academy Coffee Campus is a training course structured in two sessions lasting approximately 25 days, three months apart from each other, to acquire the best knowledge, updating and certified professionalism in the world of coffee.

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