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Happy coffee people

  • More than 30 different coffee classes and training routes: from espresso machines technician to latte art and roasting.
  • Authorized by the most important certification bodies: SCA, LAGS, IBC.
  • Courses for every level: from the passionate home barista to the professional people aiming to become AST or Q grader.
  • All courses are held in English in Florence, Italy, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, ideal for your "caffeinated" holiday!
  • Unforgettable experience among coffee passionate people coming from all over the world. Enjoying new coffees and friends!
  • Tailor-made paths for start-ups coffee shops, coffee shop chains, specialty micro roasteries and commodity huge roasting companies.

One Week Coffee Route

A very complete trail in coffee! Every day a full immersion course about a specific area. We start with the Green coffee, then Barista Skills, Brewing, Management, Roasting and Sensory.
All the courses with the possibility of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), IBC (Italian Barista Certificate) and LAGS (Latte art Grading System) certifications!
Your vacation in Florence has never been so busy!


Many courses to become true coffee experts.

Espresso Academy offers an extensive catalog of 25 different coffee courses: from basic barista training to latte art, from roasting to professional cupping tasting, all the way to brewing. Additionally, we provide courses for bartenders and cafè management.

Coffee courses with international certifications

Espresso Academy is an authorized school by SCA  (Specialty Coffee Association), IBC (Italian Barista Certificate) and Latte Art Grading System. We offer a wide range of training programs covering everything from roasting to latte art. With Espresso Academy, you're guaranteed to receive high-quality training and earn internationally recognized certifications in the exciting world of coffee!

Course Dates

Courses are held every month, and the dates are coordinated to allow participants to attend multiple courses in a single trip (and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the beautiful city of Florence - Italy). Discover our course calendar and choose the courses that best suit with your project!

Do you have questions about our courses?


More than just a coffee school!

Joining Espresso Academy courses means learning from passionate coffee enthusiasts who've turned their passion into profession and want to share it with you.

Do you have questions about our courses?


Enjoy Italy and Italian coffee!

Italy is, in many ways, the country of coffee, the country where the espresso machine has been invented and developed, and also as the country where many famous names (espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato and so on..) come from.

In Espresso Academy you will enjoy your courses in a real Italian roasting company and you will have the possibility to visit partner companies as La Marzocco, Elektra, Eureka and enjoying your course in international groups, with coffee geeks from all over the world!

Our Trainers Team

From the international gurus in coffee roasting and tasting to authors of books on bar management, from the Italian champion of ibrik coffee to Japanese and Dutch trainers…
All share the same roots in our coffee academy: they have washed many cups at the bar counter!

Espresso Academy Coffee Campus

The most complete coffee training course in the world, carried on with the training standards of Espresso Academy, our Coffee Campus is a training course structured in two sessions lasting approximately 25 days. Three months to acquire the best knowledge, updating and certified professionalism in the world of coffee.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the deadline to register for a course?
No deadline. It’s even possible to register the evening before the course. But the admission will be closed as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached to allow a good teaching, most of all during the part of practice. We always update our website if a course is complete.
2The courses I’m interested in are all complete. What can I do?
Send us an email.We will be pleased to inform you about the upcoming dates trying to find a waiting list or a solution for you.
3Will there be a break for lunch?
Of course! At about 1pm we have a break and we have lunch together at the “Casa del popolo” (well, in Florence the clubs called casa del popolo are an institution for those who come from abroad it will be a discovery.) about 150m from the school. The menu offers pasta, main course and side dishes. you prefer a veggie menu or some regional recipes, no problem. There are always these options in the menu. The cost of lunch is about 5€ to 10€ depending on what you choose. Whoever prefers may also bring his own lunch. In case of bad weather it’s possible to enjoy it inside the school during the break, but consider that if the weather is fine there is a beautiful park 150 meters away from the school.
4How do I pay for the course?
The course can be paid directly at site the day of the course. We are sorry to say that we cannot accept credit cards. Beside cash it’s also possible to pay by bank transfer or Paypal or payperlink
5 Can I pay for the course in installments?
Yes, just write to us, and we'll let you know how.
6Do you have children? And (perhaps) a partner to look after during the course?
Near the coffee school there is a nice park (Villa Vogel) with a huge playground. In case of bad weather in the school there is a room, nearly always available, where the children can get some paper (but please bring your own pencils).

Student says

20:19 17 Jan 24
Fantastic course on coffee machine maintenance, learned a lot in the short amount of time the course runs. Robert is a great teacher, easy going, explains things well and answers all questions. All other staff members we met during the course were also incredibly polite and welcoming. Well worth the travel.
Andrew HenleyAndrew Henley
13:04 14 Jan 24
The course at the academy was very good. very friendly team and professional teaching.
Daniel AguadoDaniel Aguado
21:00 13 Jan 24
I would like to thank the academy for providing a qualitative formation in a time where such things are difficult to find and sadly underrated.I would also like to particularly commend Robert, our teacher, who has managed to show me in a very short amount of time a wealth of accessible and comprehensible information on a difficult subject. He is awesome, poised, didactic, knowledgeable, approachable and generally very pleasant to be around.
Amit BiswasAmit Biswas
16:33 03 Dec 23
It was fantastic 3 days of learning. It was one of the important learning experiences I had. Trainer was very professional, calm, respectful and friendly. If you are in coffee business, you must do one of their course depending on what you need. Highly recommend.
Ferdinando FerraraFerdinando Ferrara
09:47 27 Nov 23
Excellent experience, recommended to all those who want to expand their knowledge of the world of coffee. I was followed by Professor Michele Cantarella at the Castorino roasting company and here I had the opportunity to see the roasting, to taste many types of coffee, to learn the basics ofMilk art.
Tobias EngelTobias Engel
12:53 02 Nov 23
If you want to learn everything about Coffee, the way how to do your own tasty Espresso, Latte Art this is the place to go. Enthusiatic trainers, very good mix of theory and practice. I wish the team of Espresso Academy all the best and a big thank you for the 2 day's of introduction of italian coffee philosophy 🙂
Maha HamdanMaha Hamdan
09:42 28 Apr 23
I’ve been planning to follow my passion for coffee with a professional training course and I found what I was looking for at The Espresso Academy. From the start Cristiana was very helpful for planning and booking this course for me, responding promptly and making it easier for my needs. During the course Gabriele was doing his best for me to get the most of this course, he was very kind, helpful and attentive. He went above and beyond to give the best experience. It was obviously about the coffee and the passion of coffee rather than just another commercial training course. , I really enjoyed every moment and learned a lot. I also gained confidence in my knowledge and skills. Thank you Espresso Academy.
Sherly CSherly C
11:21 20 Feb 23
High quality classes offered by friendly, serious and very experienced teachers??? i loved it- i can only recommend!
Yuanshi NiYuanshi Ni
09:51 17 Feb 23
Super recommended!!! Instructor was super nice, the content was engaging , I made my first espresso & cappuccino, it was an absolutely fun experience ?
Martyna PakoszMartyna Pakosz
19:20 11 Oct 22
An excellent experience, highly recommend to someone just getting into coffee. Very calm, patient and knowledgeable teachers with whom it was only pleasure to work with. :) 10/10
Pinja ErikssonPinja Eriksson
16:42 12 Dec 21
Took the two day advanced barista course and it exceeded my expectations. Great teachers, great content, and even though it was a short course we got plenty of time to practice actual coffee making without sparing milk. And a bonus is the opportunity to meet coffee students from all over the world, that most likely share similar goals to yours. Highly recommend for anyone getting into coffee business.
Arianna BärArianna Bär
21:22 15 Feb 21
I've attended many courses at Espresso Academy Firenze and I loved it! The staff is incredibly friendly and the courses very nice structured. Theory and lots of practice and we could even visit the roastery! The whole place smells of coffee :) During the pandemic I've also attended a couple Online Courses which were great and the teacher answered all the questions. I totally recommend going there to learn about coffee and become friends with the most amazing teachers :) Hope to see you soon guys!!