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Espresso Academy is a coffee training center founded in Florence, Italy, in 2007. 
Since then the school has grown in terms of popularity and trusteeship, arriving to count over 1000 students per year in the home school in Florence and thousands of online courses sold in three languages.

Espresso Academy websites and social networks reach, right now, over a million and a half of visits per year. 

Around the 50% of the students of Espresso Academy come from abroad.

Seeing how many students decide to face a long trip to come to Italy, and seeing how difficult (or even impossible due to Visa requests or costs) it is for many of them, we have decided to offer them the possibility to learn and certify their coffee knowledge directly in their country, but with the same standard of Espresso Academy. 

This is why we have created the Italian Barista Method protocol.


Italian Barista Method
How does it work?

Compared to other Coffee training methods, Italian Barista Method has its focus on the real needs of the Coffee operator

  • Speed

  • Self confidence

    • expertise

    • management skills.

      These are the keywords we have focused on to create the IBM protocol.


      Now Italian barista method by Espresso Academy is the training protocols used in many countries, by many EA partners.

      IBM focuses on the real needs of the coffee operator, barista or roaster. All the areas are based on an entirely practical training protocol, so much so that the theory is carried out before the course, with an online training system, and all the time in the classroom is dedicated to practice and improvement of the skills, until getting the "Coffee specialist"  gold diploma!


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       Why to become an Espresso Academy partner



      • Every partner school can operate under the brand of Espresso Academy and certify the modules of the Italian Barista Method. The school will be part of a worldwide and very trustable network and with contacts all over the world.

      • The Affiliated school will be reported and advertised on the website of Espresso Academy in a dedicated page. The Espresso Academy website is right now in Google's first page for the keywords “Barista course” “coffee course” “coffee school”. Your school will get the best advertising in the coffee World Wide Web!

      • Your will be the school teaching the real Italian approach, from the regional and traditional preparations to the famous Barista spoon code... 


      • All the certifications released from the school will be reported and shown in the dedicated page of the Espresso Academy website.

      • The exams are followed online by Italian trainers well known in the coffee world.

      • The trainers of Italian Barista Method will be always at your disposal for doubts and questions. Every course and exam will be followed On-line.

      • The cost of the certifications is affordable for every student from all over the world. To allow everybody to learn the real Italian coffee culture.

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