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SCA Brewing

Courses on basic coffee brewing, and at SCA intermediate and SCA professional levels. Courses that have the aim to provide, to a coffee lover or a barista specialty, the skills to manage all extraction techniques in filter, percolation or infusion with the best awareness.

From the basic concepts of strength and extraction to the correct use of V60, Chemex and cold brew systems.

Courses are held in english.

Risorsa 1@2x


One day. Florence -  September 11th 2023 and October 21h 2023
A complete path that begins by explaining the differences between the various tools and techniques used in coffee brewing. Then we move on to illustrate the basic concepts of brewing: ideal cup, turbulence, TDS and so on. For each tools, V60, Chemex, Syphon, cold brew and so on, many practical tests and tests carried out by varying the grinding degree, the extraction temperatures and …

Risorsa 3@3x


Two days. Florence - September 21st and 22nd 2023
After the basic course, the intermediate level deepens the use of the extraction chart, which becomes a fundamental working tool for learning how to modulate the strength and extraction of the preparation. To confirm the correct extractions of the very large practical part we will learn how to use the refractometer.

Risorsa 4@3x


Three days. Florence - 9th, 10th and 11th of October 2023

Three months after the intermediate, SCA allows you to aim for the SCA Professional brewing exam. Three days of testing on how different temperatures of the extraction water, pre-infusion, turbulence can vary the position on the Brew Control Chart.

In the numerous tests, much space is dedicated to the study of water and its impact of extraction, as well as to the measurement in microns of the ground coffee. Final goal: to become true masters of the art of brewing.


Have you not the time for a coffee vacation in Italy?

With our online courses and video courses with SCA certification exam you will grow your your coffee skills and knowledge without leaving your home!

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The course starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 5.30 p.m. with a short lunch break. The Espresso Academy is in Florence, a few minutes with the tram away from the central railway station of Santa Maria Novella and a few minutes from the exit of the highway.


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The dates of the Espresso Academy courses are always set in such a way as to allow you to take part in several courses, one day after another, to give the maximum value to your trip, and your Italian vacation.

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Our Trainers


Simone Celli

A real barista, with many years of experience behind the counter. His blog is the most read italian coffee blog in the world! He´s a trainer for the Barista, Brewing and Latte Art courses and official LAGS certifier.

Ilaria Nocentini

Ilaria is a great barista, passionate about specialty coffees and arrived 2nd at the Italian Aeropress Championship. She´s a trainer for all the coffee barista and brewing courses.

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