One Week Coffee Route /all the SCA courses in a week

A whole full immersion week into the coffee. Every day a course dedicated to a specific area with SCA standards. The course is held in english.

We start from the green coffee beans, to the Italian barista technique regarding espresso extraction, cappuccino and latte art.  Then the coffee brewing with the use of Chemex and V60 and the evaluation of the extraction with SCA parameters.


Again, a day is about how to open a specialty coffee shop. 
A day is about professional tasting and coffee cupping, with the evaluation of the aromas and the tastes
And, last but not least: the coffee roasting, for home or professional roasters, with a lot of practical exercises.

At the end of every day it is possible to take part in the SCA exam related to the area.

  Courses are held in English



It is possible to attend the complete route or just the days of interest. The cost of the different modules are:

Barista, two days 240€
Roasting 180€
Brewing 180€

Tasting 180€
Green 180€
Management 130€

We are pleased to offer a discount to who wants to take part to 4 or more days lowering the total cost of the One Week Coffee Route from 1090€ to 920€. 

Installment payments > you can pay in three installments with stripe

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Program of the course

SCA SensoryDay 1: Coffee Tasting/ SCA Sensory Skills

  • The purpose of coffee tasting. The organs of the senses involved in coffee tasting: eyes, nose, mouth and touch.
  • The  coffee tasting phases: visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile and aftertaste.
  • Acidity, bitterness, sweetness, body, flavor: the use of professional terminology.
  • The SCA Flavor Wheel and the division into Enzymatic, Sugar Browning and Dry Distillation
  • What is cupping, the professional coffee tasting system.
  • The concept of coffee specialty (above 80 points) and Cup of excellence (above 90)
  • Cupping of different coffees: arabica, robusta, recognition of some typical coffee defects
  • The tasting of espresso coffee, the espresso tasting sheet, the role of sugar

SCA Barista SkillsDay 2 : Barista Basic

  • Arabica, robusta, varietals and blends, natural and washed: all the differences in taste
  • A brief history of coffee
  • Introduction to roasting and blending. Visit to the roasting.
  • The invention and evolution of espresso machines
  • The lever machine
  • Choose the right coffee machine for your business
  • Know and professionally evaluate the qualities of a coffee blend
  • The preparation of the espresso, scaling and coffee tamping
  • Coffee grinding: how it is settled and managed  with the various types of coffee grinders
  • Practice on espresso calibration
  • The perfect frothing of milk by managing different temperatures and frothing levels.
  • Plant based milks: tests with soy, oats and milks designed specifically for barista
  • Cappuccino in practice: many exercises on frothing milk and classic cappuccino
  • Italian preparations: latte macchiato, latte coffee, espresso macchiato etc.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of espresso machines. The salt, the blind filter and the cleaning of the showers.

SCA Barista SkillsDay 3: Barista Advanced

  • Introduction to professional coffee tasting: body, acid, bitter, sweet and aromatic notes
  • Tasting of single origin coffee. From the sweetness of Central Americans to the body of Indonesian coffees.
  • Grinding setting exercises with dose and extraction weighing, preparatory to the IBM and SCA exams
  • Worldwide trends: babyccino, flat white, cortado and other preparations.
  • Latte art, general rules: height of pouring, flow and movement of the wrist
  • Practice latte art base: the heart 
  • Basic latte art practice: the figure of the leaf
  • Basic latte art practice: the tulip 
  • The third wave coffee shop: coffee brewing and specialty coffees


Day 4: Coffee Shop Management

    1.1 The entrepreneur and his idea
    1.2 The location: no any location is wrong, but target and products put in can be wrong...
    1.3 Which is the right concept for us? Cafè, Italian, starbucks style, specialty and...
    1.4 Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a location
    1.5 Competitors and other elements to evaluate the location
    2.1 The business plan: a tool for us and for the stakeholders
    2.2 Coffee shop financing: football players and Crowd...
    2.3 Calculate the taking of a coffee shop
    2.4 Evaluate the various categories of costs: food and beverages costs, employees, fixed costs
    2.5 The break even point
    2.6 Thinking about a coffee shops chain?
    3.1 Marketing and products, get the best coffees and prepare them at the best… but what exactly “best” means?..
    3.2 … the perception of the clients and the communication
    3.3 The new trends around the world
    3.4 Venues that have become legend!
    4.1 Buying an existing shop? What to check
    4.2 Opening a new venue: the bureaucracy in different countries
    4.3 Equipments, machines and tools: how to choose them
    4.4 Furnish the room. A choice that starts from the idea
    4.7 the ergonomy of the coffee shops
    4.8 costs of furnishing a coffee shop around the world..
    4.9 A grand opening? And then?
    5.1 the very first delicate days...
    5.2 Daily management of products, suppliers and clients
    5.3 Quality and standards managing several shops
    5.4 never, never stops!

SCA BrewingDay 5: Brewing

  • Introduction to coffee brewing
  • Strength and extraction, the SCA Brewing chart
  • The essential elements of Brewing: turbulence, temperatures, grinding...
  • The french press and the infusion methods
  • The world of drippers (V60, CHEMEX ...) hands on
  • Clever and Bonavita Dripper, hands on
  • The syphon, hands on
  • The aeropress, hands on
  • The Italian coffee tools, Moka and Cuccumella
  • Coffee tools around the world: Turkish Ibrik, Vietnamese Phin, Arabic Dallah
  • Cold extracted coffee: Cold drip and Cold brew… and final tastings!


SCA ROASTINGDay 6: Coffee Roasting

  • How to choose the roasting machine?
    • Physical and chemical elements of roasting: different temperatures for different coffees, first and second crack, degradation of acids and variation of caffeine in roasting.
    • Conduction, convection and radiation.
    • Recognize the colors of coffee in the various phases: yellow, cinnamon etc ...
    • Coffee cooling and degassing
  • The concept of profile and roasting curve
  • Practice: managing the batch from start to finish.
  • The most classic mistakes in coffee roasting
  • Professional cupping of roasted coffee
  • Blending: creating our blend targeting our taste or the taste of our customers.

Not tired yet?

You can complete your SCA training, getting the new certifications in Coffee Sustainability and Water and Preventive Maintenance of the Coffee technician program.

With the courses of Espresso machines technicians, usually organized immediately before of after the Coffee Week

Going deeper into your coffee knowledge  with the intermediate and professional SCA courses, also organized in the days after the coffee week.

And, if you really aim to the deepest knowledge in coffee, put your coffee week into the most complete coffee training program of the world: the Espresso Academy Coffee Campus!

check here below our courses calendar and ask us info for these additional routes!



The new diploma System SCA

If you are interested in the SCA certification system, the coffee week is designed to allow you to obtain all the foundation level certifications and even the SCA intermediate barista skills certification in a short time, with targeted courses.

These certifications will allow you to achieve the new SCA Diploma

  • SCA Coffee diploma
  • SCA Roastery Diploma
  • SCA Trade Diploma
  • SCA Sustainable Coffee Diploma

One Week Coffee Route

For those who really want to know the world of coffee with a technical and scientific approach. For those who are thinking to build their future in coffee. For those who have a really, really great passion for the beans!
A very complete trail in coffee. We start from the green coffee beans, to the Italian barista technique regarding espresso extraction, cappuccino and latte art.  

Then the coffee brewing, from the concept of turbolence and Ideal cup to the use of Chemex and V60 to the evaluation of the extraction with SCA parameters.

 We continue with an important day for who is thinking to open a business coffee related

Again the professional tasting and coffee cupping, with the evaluation of the aromas and the tastes

And, last but not least: the coffee roasting, for home or professional roasters, with a lot of practical exercises.

A very deep seven days long journey into the coffee world! At the end the possibility to take part to the SCA Certifications!

Maybe a week is too short if your aim is open a successful coffee shop, this is why you can complete your coffee period in Italy with a course of Italian bakery focalized in breakfast and coffee shop. If instead you have the will to work in a real italian coffee shop ask us for the internship in Italian Coffee shop we organize in collaboration with our partners

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