Introduction to Coffee SCA Online Course

Introduction to Coffee SCA, Online Course

The SCA Coffee Introduction Course aims to introduce you to the world of coffee and its supply chain. From planting to roasting, up to the cup. The ultimate goal is to give to professionals and enthusiasts a starting point in the study of this fascinating product.

The online course program follows the SCA “Introduction to Coffee” module and allows you to take this Certification with a value of 10 credits for the Coffee Skills Program.


  • 5 hours of course
  • 8 chapters
  • Watch it with no limits, when you want, how you want, forever!
  • Manuals and slides used during the course
  • Coffee flavour wheel
  • IBM recognized final certificate
  • Possibility of SCA Introduction to Coffee certification
  • Free calls with the trainer


The cost does not include 70€ to be paid to SCA for the eventual certification exam.

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Introduction to Coffee SCA Online Course

Sca Certification

At the end of the online coffee roasting course it is possible to hold the SCA foundation exam. Ask us if you are interested.
Introduction to Coffee SCA Online Course

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Introduction to Coffee Online Course program:

  • History of coffee and its use: Ethiopia, Islamic world up to the worldwide spread of the product
  • The Plant: species and varietals: from Caturra to Blue Mountain, from Typica to Castillo
  • Differences between Arabica and Robusta: production, market and results in the cup
  • Fruit harvesting and processing techniques: manual or mechanical selection, washed or natural
  • Roasting, blending and packaging: from the differences in the roasting color to the different kind of blends
  • The Espresso Machine: development and different technologies
  • Extraction of an Espresso Coffee: grinding, weight, pressing and extraction times
  • Introduction to Professional Tasting: balance between acid and bitterness, body, aftertaste and aromatic sensations.
  • Other Extraction Systems in Brewing: Infusions and Percolations
  • The world of Specialty Coffee: a branch of the industry that promotes coffee with unique characteristics by aiming for the highest product quality
  • Final SCA certification exam if requested (by Zoom with the trainer)
Introduction to Coffee SCA Online Course


The diploma released at the end of the course by Espresso Academy is issued under the international protocol of “Italian Barista Method”.
Introduction to Coffee SCA Online Course

SCA Certificate

This course is held under SCA protocol. At the end it is possible to take part in the Coffee introduction exam.


Our introduction to Coffee course aims to open windows on the different processing phases along the supply chain that goes from the plantation, to the roasting to the cup and to give to professionals and enthusiasts a starting point in the study of coffee. 

The course program follows the Specialty Coffee Association's "Introduction to Coffee" module. It gives to the participants the opportunity to support this Certification with a value of 10 training credits in the Coffee Skills Program system where, upon reaching 100 points, it is possible to apply for the Coffee Skills Diploma of the SCA.

The Introduction to Coffee course prepares you to face with more awareness the topics of our other courses such as Basic and Advanced Barista, Roasting and Blending, Professional Coffee Tasting, Green Coffee Selection and can also be a way to increase your knowledge of the product for who already works in the sector as a barista, manager, taster or roaster.

Our Trainers..

Introduction to Coffee SCA Online Course

Simone Celli

A real barista, with many years of experience behind the counter. His blog is the most read italian coffee blog in the world! He´s a trainer for the Barista, Brewing and Latte Art courses and official LAGS certifier.
Introduction to Coffee SCA Online Course

Ilaria Nocentini

Ilaria is a great barista, passionate about specialty coffees and arrived 2nd at the Italian Aeropress Championship. She´s a trainer for all the coffee barista and brewing courses.

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