Espresso Academy

Increasing our knowledge and skills, walking the road to the success of our project, building our future… exciting moments, especially if they involve a fascinating product like coffee.

But coffee is also part of life, and life is experience, unforgettable moments

This is why our aim is to ensure that your courses at the Espresso Academy are not only of a high professional level and useful to carry out your project, but also an unforgettable experience.


In one of the most beautiful cities in the world

With a group of students from all over the planet

In the nation of coffee

With a series of side activities for fun and in-depth study

will be an unforgettable Italian holiday full of energy (and caffeine!)

Just coffee? Our Side Activities!

Don’t think your courses will be relaxing holidays, they are intense full immersion days!

But there is not only study in life, during the period of the courses Espresso Academy becomes a center of side activities such as “aperitivi” together (real Italian style!!) free visits to machines companies and historical coffee shops and tourism in a beautiful city!

Never tired of coffee? The school is open at the end of every day course for further practice and for in-depth moments.

Who are the students?

Around 2000 students from all over the world reach Florence to take part in the Espresso Academy’s courses, half of them are from abroad.
Many of them arrive with a business project as opening of a specialty coffee shop, a chain, a micro roastery. Others because they don't want to work in coffee, but they have deep passion about it, and they want to become super home baristas!

Among them in recent years we have had unforgettable characters, from Thai and Lufthansa pilots to lawyers, famous chefs and ice cream experts, a Bollywood star, and even Star Wars stuntmen!

Our trainer team

From the international gurus (Marco) in roasting and professional coffee tasting to who publishes books about coffee shop management (Gabriele), from the Italian Ibrik coffee Champion (Helena) to the Japanese (Kaai) and Dutch (Robert) trainers ... All joined by the same fate: they have washed many cups at the bar counter!

Gift card

Do you want to give an Espresso Academy course to someone who is dear to you?

Contact us, we can prepare a lovely gift card and help you organize a super surprise!

Affiliated Hotel

Planning your Italian experience?

Looking for an Hotel? Contact us, we have a list of affiliated hotels offering us discounts. Every kind of accomodation, from city center hotels to relaxing B&Bs! 

How to reach us and other questions

Florence is easy to reach from almost every part of Italy. If you come by car, our school is close to the highway exit of Florence SCANDICCI, and you can park anywhere close to the school. If you come by train you can reach us in just a few minutes from Santa Maria Novella thanks to the metropolitan train. If you come by plane, the airports of Florence and Pisa are easy to reach.

Technical Partners

The world of coffee is becoming more and more technological and professional, and our school is up to the challenge.

We have the most modern machines and equipment, different from each other, to give the opportunity to try out different technologies. Refractometers, machines and software for roasting, tools for evaluating green coffee and many super innovative tools!