Coffee Sensory and Cupping Course / Sensory SCA

SCA Sensory

Courses on coffee sensory and cupping, basic and at SCA intermediate and SCA professional levels. 

These are courses that aim to train, from the basic to the professional level, the skills of recognition, analysis, comparison and description of the organoleptic characteristics of coffee. The ultimate goal is to become a professional taster, capable of selecting coffees from (and for)  international markets.

Courses are held in english.

Risorsa 1@2x


One day. Florence -  September 7th, 2023 or October 18th, 2023

The sense organs and the sensations they send us are the first steps in our journey. Therefore, the ability to recognize the basic tastes, bitter, acidity, sweetness as well as body and astringency.

Flavors: from toasted to fruity up to those given by defects and how these flavors derive from varieties, processing, and roasting processes.

Risorsa 3@3x


Two days. Florence - September 19th and 20th, 2023
After the basic course, the intermediate level examines the different types of acids and the ability to recognize tastes and flavors even by degrees of intensity. It goes into the specifics of the student's management of cupping and triangulation sessions.

Risorsa 4@3x


Three days. Florence - next calendar soon

Three months after the intermediate, SCA allows you to aim for the SCA Professional Sensory exam. At this level, the course is structured in different stages of cupping with various coffees up to the attribution of an SCAA score in the case of a specialty coffee. It also deals with the issue of creating and calibrating a tasting panel.


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The course starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 5.30 p.m. with a short lunch break. The Espresso Academy is in Florence, a few minutes with the tram away from the central railway station of Santa Maria Novella and a few minutes from the exit of the highway.


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The dates of the Espresso Academy courses are always set in such a way as to allow you to take part in several courses, one day after another, to give the maximum value to your trip, and your Italian vacation.

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Our Trainers


Marco Cremonese

One of the most known italian coffee and roasting experts. Marco has a large portfolio of consultancies for famous coffee roasting companies and is an official SCA trainer for coffee roasting, tasting and green coffee. He´s also frequently been chosen by the World Barista Championship to roast the coffees for the competitions.

Helena Oliviero

Helena is young and very experienced in the world of coffee. She´s the italian champion of Ibrik, AST for Barista and Brewing and also an R-Grader.. the first woman in Italy! She´s the responsible of the Brewing courses and Espresso Academy abroad.

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