A new consultancy approach for your project

a board of experts at your disposal without the costs and the commitments of a consultancy group!

  • To allow you to evaluate your project with a pool of experts
  • To analyze case histories and business models related to yours
  • To evaluate the market and the target of your project
  • To get a clear idea of the costs and business prospects of your idea
  • To have a board that allows you to make the best decisions.
  • To get specific technical training to fully understand your product

How does Espresso Academy Quick Consulting works

Are you evaluating your business project? An innovative idea in the world of coffee and coffee shops? To better analyze your idea, you may find it useful to consult an expert, but ...

... Most of the time asking for advice involves costs, contracts and important commitments, too important and expensive for a business that is still in the conception and analysis phase, for a phase in which we are above all analyzing the idea and its feasibility.

The quick consultancy project was born precisely to put at your disposal a pool of experts for a pre-consultancy, evaluation and analysis service, with very low costs and a very reduced commitment, what you need when your idea is not yet in the operational phase. With the Espresso Academy quick consultancy we will not waste a month to define the consultancy contract, we will work immediately, together, on your idea!

The quick consultancy service will allow you to have all the necessary elements to decide if and how to get your project into the operational phase. A board will support you in your decisions: the Espresso Academy Consultancy Team. 

 How much the Quick Consulting costs and what it includes

Espresso Academy Quick Consulting was born as a pre-consulting service, to allow you to better analyze your project in the decision-making phase.

At your contact request we will ask you to fill in a survey to better understand your idea, the context where it will operate and your personal skills and knowledge.

After the survey we will discuss together the timing and deadlines of the project and we can officially start our “quick” collaboration.

An online meeting will allow us to get to know each other personally, to give you our initial opinion of your project and to clarify every detail of the idea directly with you.

At that point we will be able to provide you, in a short time, with all the elements that can help you in your decision.
  • An evaluation of the market where your project will operate
  • An analysis of the target and therefore of the ideal locations
  • A range of project history cases that may be related to yours
  • A cost analysis and a draft of an economic-financial analysis
  • An analysis of the critical points and strengths of your project
  • The most essential steps to go through to start the project.

While we are working on your project you will be given access to our training material to cover any topic that might be important for your business (video courses and manuals are included in the Quick Consultancy package) 

A final meeting will put the board at your disposal to analyze the material produced and help you to decide if and how to move forward with your plan.

The total cost will be € 480, all inclusive.

Of course, our team can also support you even later, in a subsequent operational phase.

Espresso Academy consultancy team

Gabriele Cortopassi

Founder of Espresso Academy

The founder of Espresso Academy has passed all the steps of the hospitality business stairs: waiter, barista, bartender, sommelier, restaurant manager and consultant. In 2008 he founded aprireunbar.com, a blog discussing how to open coffee shops. It receives more than a million visits per year. At the Espresso Academy he is the trainer of management courses and the coordinator of all consultancy projects. 

Robert Brinck

Coffee Trainer - Quality control and roast profiling.

Robert is the trainer for roasting and espresso machines courses at the Espresso Academy. In addition he is a coffee trainer for barista and sensory courses for the Academy. For the consultancy team he is responsible for purchasing and choosing green coffees, creating blends, roast profiles and technical aspects. He is a certified SCA professional in tasting, roasting and barista skills. Robert also works for the Mokaflor Roastery as taster for green coffee sourcing, quality control and roast profiling.

Molly Allen

Co-founder of Ready Set! Coffee Roasters - Restaurant Designer

Molly is the co-founder of Ready Set! Coffee Roasters in Cleveland, OH. She is SCA certified in roasting, barista skills, green coffee, coffee sensory, coffee brewing and coffee shop management. Molly has a 20 year plus background in restaurant design, having designed many restaurants, bars and coffee shops in the Washington, D.C. For Ready Set coffee she has built a burgeoning e-commerce and wholesale business and is the head of brand development and social media marketing.

Chris Allen

Co-founder of Ready Set! Coffee - Copywriter

Chris is the co-founder of Ready Set! Coffee Roasters in Cleveland, OH. He is SCA certified in roasting, barista skills, coffee sensory, coffee brewing and coffee shop management. At Ready Set! he is the head roaster, green coffee buyer, blend curator, and marketing manager. Chris also has over 10 years experience in advertising and copywriting working with such international clients such as The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Orchestra.

Leonardo Santetti

Designer, R&D and coffee consultant

Graduated at Industrial Design and then in Design MA under the department of Architecture of Florence, sees design as a tool to improve society in an ethical key, believing strongly in preservation of local cultures. Leonardo is into the Specialty Coffee world since 2013 with jobs from consultancy to Judge and teaching for the Specialty Coffee Association SCA, trying spreading the culture and passion for coffee. He’s actually working and consulting for different realities in Design and coffee, furthermore developing interior and brand identity projects for private clients.

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