Many will read about this course and wonder: but if I can't really roast coffee, what can I learn from an online coffee roasting course?

A lot, starting from the fact that even in classroom courses the theory is always very important, for example to understand:

  • The various stages of roasting: drying, cinnamon, 1st crack, development, 2nd crack
  • What is the right machine for my business? Dimensions, materials, probes and software
  • The concept of roasting profile and how to best manage it


This course can give possible access to two international certifications, both widespread and recognized in the world: IBC and SCA

In both cases, once you have finished watching the video course, you can start the certification procedure. The theoretical exam will be sent directly from the association (not from Espresso Academy), followed by a live session with the trainer which will also include the practical exam.

  • For IBC this course gives access to the Roast & Cup basic level exam and to the relative stamp in the passport "coffee specialist" the total cost of the procedure is €40

  • For SCA this course gives access to the roasting Foundation exam and costs €138



  • 6 hours of course
  • 10 chapters
  • Watch it with no limits, when you want, how you want, forever!
  • Manual and slides used during the course
  • Batch control sheets
  • Roasted coffee tasting sheets
  • IBM recognized final certificate
  • Possibility of free classroom training
  • Free calls with the trainer

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This course is also included in the "Roaster" online course package which includes the online courses: 


Coffee Cupping and Tasting Course


Coffee Roasting and Blending Course


Green Coffee Course

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  • Main concepts on chemistry in roasting
  • Roasting color measurement and analysis
  • How moisture and density of coffee influence the roasting process
  • Physical elements on roasting: different temperatures for different coffees, the roasting curves and profiles, methods of heat transfer, First Crack & Second Crack.
  • Cooling down and coffee degassing
  • The use of softwares to follow and record the roasting process
  • The concept of roasting profile and roasting curve
  • The most classic mistakes in coffee roasting
  • How to cup your coffee
  • Blending: create our own blend starting from our taste or the taste of our clients. 
  • Which is the best roasting machine for my business?

IBM certification

Italian Barista Method recognized final certificate

Our Trainers


Marco Cremonese

One of the most known italian coffee and roasting experts. Marco has a large portfolio of consultancies for famous coffee roasting companies and is an official SCA trainer for coffee roasting, tasting and green coffee. He´s also frequently been chosen by the World Barista Championship to roast the coffees for the competitions.

Robert Brinck

Robert is the epitome of the third wave, with his long beard and great passion for coffee! He´s from Holland and takes care of all the english courses, communication and is also the trainer for the technical and machine maintenance course!

  • We attended the two-day Barista course (advanced level) and its really cool and awesome. Our instructor-Gabriele shares all the techniques and secrets to make a perfect espresso and cappuccino, plus the coffee art which every participants were so excited and enjoyed every hands-on. As part of the Advanced level course, Gabriele also gave us a tour inside their processing plant. A highly recommended tour if you're visiting Florence both for individual who's looking for a career in coffee industry or simply Coffee lovers.
  • Great experience ! It's fun, very interactive , the trainers are really interested that you learn and practice a lot, before you apply for your certificate. If you never worked in a coffee shop or you never experience how to make a great cappuccino and espresso this is the right place to try . Can't wait to get back and learn some more ! Thank you all !
    TLumi, Croatia
  • Had an amazing two days here going all the way from the roasting room, blends and the theory, but most importantly a lot of practice at making good espressos and cappuccinos with assistance from the instructors, through to the SCA exams. Very friendly and helpful instructors and I can highly recommend the Espresso Academy! A great experience and great knowledge gained. Thank you to all at Espresso Academy and Mokaflor, I highly recommend you all!
    Pierre V, Auckland New Zealand

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