Espresso Academy Certified courses

Learning is important, but in many cases can also be important to certify our skills and knowledge, maybe to enrich our curriculum, to communicate the attention we dedicate to coffee in our shop, or for our justified personal pride, for our personal journey into coffee.

This is why Espresso Academy adheres to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) IBC (Italian Barista Certification) and LAGS (Latte Art Grading System) accredited international certification systems.

Our courses are therefore cut on recognized programs, are accredited by these associations and allow access to international exams.

All our trainers, in their areas of specialization, are authorized to issue these certifications.

SCA Certifications

SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, is an organization that sets recognized professional levels of standards for those who want to undertake a path in the world of coffee, coffee shops and above all in the scientific side of coffee specialty, from bean to cup

SCA certifications are recognized all over the world in five training areas: Green Coffee, Tasting, Roasting, Barista and Brewing and in three levels: Fondation, Intermediate and Professional. Espresso Academy provides all the areas and all the levels.

The Latte Art Grading System

The "Latte Art Grading System" is a degree that certifies a Barista’s skills in the decoration of coffee drinks, especially Cappuccino, with Latte Art.

This worldwide system is based on six consecutive "grading" levels, characterized by different colours: White, Orange, Green, Red, Black and Gold.
Each level corresponds to the specific skill that the barista needs to prove during the grading exam creating latte art patterns that get more and more complex. Each pattern has to be prepared with very precise requirements.

Italian Barista Certificate

If the SCA system enhances and certifies the knowledge and awareness of the operator of the coffee supply chain, the Italian Barista Certificate highlights the work of the barista at the counter, in front of customers.

Awareness, extensive practice and speed is what is required to pass the three levels of the IBC certification system.

The last level is a real barista time trial, where you can set the national record, or the world record!

This certification is issued in Italy by Espresso Academy and by numerous other IBC partner schools around the world.