Basic Barista Online Course

Many will read about this course and ask themselves: but if I can't froth milk and prepare espresso, what can I learn from an online barista course?

A lot, starting from ..

  • How to set the grinder and how tamping works
  • The correct position of the jug to get a perfectly frothed milk
  • Latte art basic: improve it with practice!
  • How to use a refractometer, an extraction chart and how to modify the taste of your espresso. 
  • Perfect cleaning and maintenance of the espresso machine.


This course can give possible access to two international certifications, both widespread and recognized in the world: IBC and SCA

In both cases, once you have finished watching the video course, you can start the certification procedure. The theoretical exam will be sent directly from the association (not from Espresso Academy), followed by a live session with the trainer which will also include the practical exam.

  • For IBC this course gives access to the Barista basic level exam and to the relative stamp in the passport "coffee specialist" the total cost of the procedure is €40

  • For SCA this course gives access to the Barista Foundation exam and costs €138



  • 6 hours of course
  • 10 chapters
  • Watch it with no limits, when you want, how you want, forever!
  • Manuals and slides used during the course
  • Espresso extraction chart
  • Coffee flavour wheel
  • IBM recognized final certificate
  • Possibility of free classroom training
  • Free calls with the trainer

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Do you want a complete training?

This course is also included in the "Barista" online course package which includes the online courses: 

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Coffee Brewing Course


Basic Barista Course


Coffee Shop Management Course

All three courses in one package, with unlimited viewing and a discount of 30% from 337 to 236€!



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Basic Barista Online Course program:

  • What coffee is , a bit of history and knowledge of the different species: Arabica, robusta, varietals.
  • The coffee processing: picking, stripping, washed and dry methods.
  • Introduction to roasting and blending. Virtual visit to a roasting plant 
  • The right espresso machine for your shop
  • Know and professionally evaluate the quality of a coffee blend
  • The preparation of espresso, dosing, grinding and tamping.
  • Cappuccino and milk frothing: standards, more or less frothy, more or less hot.
  • The classic Italian preparations: latte macchiato, caffèlatte, espresso macchiato , shaked coffee etc.
  • Introduction to professional coffee tasting
  • Introducing latte art: flow, heights, movement of the wrist. The rosetta, the heart, the tulips
  • Espresso machines cleaning and maintenance: descaling, backflushing, cleaning of the grinder.


Are you interested in the SCA course and exam online mode? This course and the related exam can be held online, live with the authorized trainer.
Contact us to find out the modalities of the course.



The diploma released at the end of the course by Espresso Academy is issued under the international protocol of “Italian Barista Method”.

The online version offer several added values...

  • Very easy to access: you have simply to connect to the link we send you and everything is done!
  • Very easy to follow with smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Super-complete theoretical part, with screen sharing of slides, photos and graphic with the trainer
  • No problem for the practical part. We use two mobile cameras during the course, so you can follow every detail.
  • Possibility to private free sessions with the trainer to evaluate together your project 
  • Manuals included in the price sent at the end of the course


Do you can't take a day off from work, your pace doesn't allow you to find a day to follow the online coffee course? No problem, the Espresso Academy trainers have prepared a barista video course for you: same content as the online course, but to watch whenever you want, maybe in the evening or on your free day.

Included in the price of the video course there is the possibility of organizing a meeting with the trainer to clarify all doubts  and question, always without leaving your home.


Our Trainers..


Simone Celli

A real barista, with many years of experience behind the counter. His blog is the most read italian coffee blog in the world! He´s a trainer for the Barista, Brewing and Latte Art courses and official LAGS certifier.

Ilaria Nocentini

Ilaria is a great barista, passionate about specialty coffees and arrived 2nd at the Italian Aeropress Championship. She´s a trainer for all the coffee barista and brewing courses.

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Directly from home, no needing journeys, bureaucracy, and costs. Even in this way is possible to learn solid foundations for your barista skills and improve your coffee knowledge with the online barista course of Espresso Academy.

This course follows the classroom course program, of course, it has a less important practical part, but it allows you to acquire, in one day all the knowledge necessary to work on the coffee machine. 

The course starts with a solid knowledge of the raw material: the coffee.

After a virtual (but real) visit to the coffee roaster, we begin to enter the coffee shop. What actually is the espresso? We learn the secrets of extraction, grinding and pressing, and even more advanced concepts such as TDS and the refractometer use.

Then milk: what is the role of fats, sugars, and proteins? What is the best position for the steamer? How do you get a shiny, bubble-free cream? We now combine coffee and milk in the cappuccino.

Let's learn how to do the classic Italian one, but also the basic rules for latte art, with the patterns of heart, rosetta, and tulip. 

Still, we work on espresso macchiato, shakerato, and other typical Italian preparations. At the end, very important, the cleaning and maintenance of the espresso coffee machine.