Small but fierce! This is how we can define our school. Is it small? well, not so much since we´ve recently added a new roasting and tasting room, also with two new Barista training stations.

At our school, participants can really find a small paradise for those who love coffee or the world of coffee shops!

We have numerous different types of machines, for example those with heat exchange or spring lever (have you ever tried them?), as well as the modern machines, with the possibility of changing the temperature and pressure of extraction (and during the courses we do a lot of experiments!).

Also we have many types of coffee grinders, both with a doser or the modern ones which are without.

This gives our students and baristas the chance to see, test and play with all kinds of coffee tools!

Ok for the machines, but the tools? Well, among our technical partners there is, one of the best Italian Eshop, so we do not miss any type of milk jug, as size, material (including rubber and teflon) and spout (what's the yours for the latte art?).

But a barista doesn’t end up in a jug. At the school are available also Hario and Acaia scales, dynamometric tempers, colors for the best rainbow cappuccino and refractometer for measuring your espresso and for the SCA certifications.

Are you not aiming to the barista skill?

If you're interested in coffee brewing  you can find and use all the tools, from Chemex to Cold brew until the most innovative ones, as the Duo Drip and the Cafflano.

If you are aiming the coffee roasting , you will be happy to know that for courses and certifications you will find, in addition to sieves, moisture detectors and colorimeters, and a great a 2 kilos Probat with the probe connected to the computer for the control of the temperature profile in roasting.
Professional coffee Tasting and Cupping?  You will not miss the water-based solutions for taste recognition and the aromas kits to learn to recognize the aromas of a cup.
Technical course and coffee machine repairs? yes! You will find machines of different technology to put your hands on! Then different types of gaskets, showers, burrs, steam wands and rotary pumps with which to fight!




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