Coffee Shop Management Course

For those looking for a complete course, which, step by step, follows the entire path to the opening of a coffee shop or chain, and who above all works to ensure that our project becomes a successful business! From the ideal location depending on the concept to the economic analysis, the definition of break even and food cost, the concept of target, the best machines and the layout of the service spaces. All supported by many history cases from all over the world.

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Have you not the time for a coffee vacation in Italy?

With our online courses and video courses with SCA certification exam you will grow your your coffee skills and knowledge without leaving your home!

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One Journey, One Vacation In Italy

The dates of the Espresso Academy courses are always set in such a way as to allow you to take part in several courses, one day after another, to give the maximum value to your trip, and your Italian vacation.

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Program of the course

The course Is a very very busy session, from 10am to 5.30pm (Italian time) with the following program structured in 5 sections.

1.1 The entrepreneur and his idea
1.2 The location: no any location is wrong, but target and products put in can be wrong...
1.3 Which is the right concept for us? Cafè, Italian, starbucks style, specialty and...
1.4 Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a location
1.5 Competitors and other elements to evaluate the location

2.1 The business plan: a tool for us and for the stakeholders
2.2 Coffee shop financing: football players and Crowd...
2.3 Calculate the taking of a coffee shop
2.4 Evaluate the various categories of costs: food and beverages costs, employees, fixed costs
2.5 The break even point
2.6 Thinking about a coffee shops chain?

3.1 Marketing and products, get the best coffees and prepare them at the best… but what exactly “best” means?..
3.2 … the perception of the clients and the communication
3.3 The new trends around the world
3.4 Venues that have become legend!

4.1 Buying an existing shop? What to check
4.2 Opening a new venue: the bureaucracy in different countries
4.3 Equipments, machines and tools: how to choose them
4.4 Furnish the room. A choice that starts from the idea
4.7 the ergonomy of the coffee shops
4.8 costs of furnishing a coffee shop around the world..
4.9 A grand opening? And then?

5.1 the very first delicate days...
5.2 Daily management of products, suppliers and clients
5.3 Quality and standards managing several shops
5.4 never, never stops!



The cost of the course is 120€ and includes the handbooks, business plan models and slides used during the course.


The diploma released at the end of the course by Espresso Academy. It can be inserted in CV and business plans.

A real coffee journey? The coffee week!

This course is part of the “One week coffee route” A week, a coffee course per day, from Roasting to Barista skills. You can take part to all the courses or just to the courses of your interest. 

Your training in Espresso Academy Italy

Your training in Espresso Academy Italy is not just a course, but a real coffee experience. During your journey you can work with our team in roasting and tasting. Also, you can visit (for free) famous coffee companies as La Marzocco, Eureka or Elektra! We can support your coffee tour in Italy with VISA invitations and bureaucratic issues, and we have a huge list of accommodations offering us discount!

All the steps for a successful business in our coffee shop management course

Coffee business is not just booming, it is also segmenting. If our aim is to open a coffee shop or a chain of, one of the first decision you must take is decide the concept, the kind of shop you want to create: from the classic cafè to the specialty coffee shop and artisanal shop. Just once decided the target is possible to define the target and then the location.

This is the first part of the coffee shop startup course, just the first part, because then, once found the location, we must work on the financial analysis, the food cost, the break even and then the business plan. Only after these steps we will have all the data to decide the right sidewalk, for the right target, for the right products.

During the course we will examine the other steps of a coffee shop startup course: the construction of a menu, the new trends, the lay out and the forniture, the equipments, the espresso machines and the other tools. 
Then the management of products, employees and clients, mainly in the very first, fundamental days…. All avoiding dangerous mistakes and learning from the best (and worst) history cases....

Espresso Academy Trainers


Gabriele Cortopassi

After many years of experience he´s assisted and done consultancies for many bars and restaurants in Italy and abroad. Gabriele is also the founder of, which is one of the most followed blogs for bars and restaurants and the the title of his book (Hoepli editions). He´s an official SCA Trainer and also teaches the Bar Management course.

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