Italian Coffee Discovery Course

A journey thought for all coffee enthusiasts and home baristas. In the very homeland of espresso, a journey that starts from the ancient espresso coffee machines (have you ever tried a lever machine?) up to the most modern extraction concepts, where we can improve your home barista and latte art skills. All not forgetting what we love most: coffee: how to recognize the quality at the first glance, how to taste, how to prepare the 90+, the best coffees in the world!

At your disposal also the “Home barista corner” to try different machines and techniques and all within and visiting a real Italian roasting company! 


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Program of the course

  • The invention and development of the espresso coffee machine. How it influenced Italian culture
  • How to recognize coffee in a glance: arabica, robusta, washed, natural, defects, commodity coffees and specialties
  • Blending and roasting. Visiting the roasting company and the sensory laboratories.
  • Perfect espresso technique: grinding and tamping.
  • Coffee tasting: we assess together several coffees (going up to some of the best coffees in the world)
  • The home barista corner: which is the best equipment for your coffee passion? try tools and measure the extraction with refractometers!
  • A perfect milk foam with no bubbles and the Italian cappuccino.
  • The Latte art: a glance about how to make hearts, leaves, dragons and lions in your cappuccino…
  • Latte, flat white, shaked espresso and…


You will be able to do practical exercises during the course


Individual 85€ Groups of at least 2 persons 65€ (per perso The cost is instead 35€ for aged 14/18 and is free for younger coffee lovers!

More info

This experience is three hours long, from 10am to 1pm or from 3pm to 6pm. The Espresso Academy is in Florence, a few minutes with the Tram away from the central railway station of Santa Maria Novella and a few minutes from the exit of the highway.

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