Italian regions at table

With this brief course you get a good idea of the wide variety of ingredients and cooking techniques available in Italy.
All the twenty regions boast a great culinary patrimony, due to the fortunate position of the peninsula in the Mediterranean, to the physique landscapes, made my mountains, hills, valleys, rivers that cause different micro-climates all over the country; due, overall, to the intricate history and melting pot of populations.

Fun chocolate day

This course, beside showing techniques and notions of chocolate, has the value of providing some more concepts to learn to recognize and appreciate the best cocoa and choose the most suitable coverage for the type of product you want to obtain. First of all, the origin and manufacturing processes of the chocolate, tempering and pralines techniques will be analyzed, to finally create perfect chocolates.

Italian Breakfast Pastry Course

The Italian Coffee Breakfast is not just Espresso and Cappuccino, and in this Italian Breakfast Pastry Course you will learn how to prepare a wide range of Italian Breakfast Pastry, from the classic Cornetto to delicious cream and raisins rolls.

We created this Italian Bakery Course for the barista who want to learn how to make italian cornetti and other italian bakery for Coffee Shop.

Pane & pizza

This short course on bread-making is thought to give the knowledge and the techniques useful to make some different kind of bread, pizza and flat-bread.

5 days on professional pastry

“The teaching of pastry and bakery is, in my opinion, based on two instruments I consider fundamental: the correct execution of the work methods and the technical knowledge of the ingredient.
Thus, beyond the teaching of the execution of the single recipes or preparations chosen for a didactic aim, what I try to transmit in my courses is that type of approach to the raw material that would allow to every student to be able to face all the pastry and bakery recipes they would be passionate about."

Giglio Cooking

Gigliocooking is a modern school with professional character.
It was born with the will to create a place where Cooking is not competition, but it is taught as what it really is, everything else: Chemistry, nutrition, culture, history, health, sharing, beauty, necessity.
You enter the school through a small courtyard. The work space is a very well lighted large room equipped with professional instruments.
The school is located in the city of Florence, at about 10 minutes walking from Porta alla Croce, one of the doors to enter the historical center. It is very near the gardens of the riverside Lungarno del Tempio. Walking along the river from the city center is the best way to get here.