Espresso Machines Maintenance and Reparation Course

Many will read about this course and ask themselves: if I cannot disassemble machines and coffee grinders, what can I learn from an online coffee machine technical course?

A lot, starting from the fact that many technical courses in the world, even from various universities, are held online and allow you to understand, among other things …

  • How does an exchanger, lever or multi boiler machine work?
  • How they work and how to replace the burrs or the doser system of a grinder
  • How to change the temperature and pressure of a coffee machine for shop or for home
  • What to do in case of problems with the electrical system of the machine?


  • 10 long chapters
  • Watch it with no limits, when you want, how you want, forever
  • Manual and slides used during the course
  • 10 long chapters
  • Watch it with no limits, when you want, how you want, forever
  • Manual and slides used during the course

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Espresso Machines Maintenance and Reparation Online Course Program


  • The different types of machines: lever, heat exchange, Faema E61 Model, double boiler and multi boiler.
  • Installing a new machine: wiring and tubing.
  • How to regulate temperature and pressure of a professional machine. Extraction profiles.
  • Setting the volumetric dose in semi automatic machines.
  • Types of filters and competition shower heads.
  • Introduction to the characteristics of water: measuring TDS, Hardness and Alkalinity.


  • Problems that depend on temperature and pressure.
  • Basic troubleshooting (if this happens what could it be)
  • Steam Wands: when to change the tip (and how many holes) 


  • Daily maintenance
  • Descaling
  • How to pull and replace shower heads and gaskets


  • Types of coffee grinders (on demand, dosing grinders, flat or conical burrs, steel or ceramic)
  • How to replace old burrs in a grinder


  • Coffee in capsules machines: the different standards (Nespresso, Lavazza, Saeco and other hybrids) their maintenance and the most common problems.
  • Paper pods machines, standards and troubleshooting
  • Superautomatic machines: coffee grinder and integrated espresso machine. Different models, maintenance and more common problems


The cost of the course is 199€ and includes the handbooks of the course.


The diploma released at the end of the course by Espresso Academy is issued under the international protocol of “Italian Barista Method

The online version offers several added values...

  • Very easy to access: you have simply to connect to the link we send you and everything is done!
  • Very easy to follow with smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • No problem interacting, questions and answers exactly like in the classroom!
  • Super-complete theoretical part, with screen sharing of slides, photos and graphic with the trainer
  • No problem for the practical part. We use two mobile cameras during the course, so you can follow every detail.
  • Possibility to private free sessions with the trainer to evaluate together your project 
  • Manuals included in the price sent at the end of the course
  • Course recorded to watch it again sent at the end of the course

Espresso Machines Maintenance and Reparation Video Course

Do you can't take a day off from work, your pace doesn't allow you to find a day to follow the online coffee course? No problem, the Espresso Academy trainers have prepared a Espresso machine technician video course for you: same content as the online course, but to watch whenever you want, maybe in the evening or on your free day.

Do you still want a comparison with the trainer? No problem, included in the price of the video course there is the possibility of organizing a meeting with the trainer to clarify all doubts, always without leaving your home.

Espresso Machines Maintenance and Reparation Course

Directly from home, no needing journeys, bureaucracy and costs. Even in this way is possible to learn solid foundations for your technician knowledge with the online course of Espresso Academy.

The espresso machine technician course is an intense two days course that starts with machines built with different technologies; from the heat exchanger machines to the spring-lever, the double boiler and the more modern machines.

Then we proceed seeing the setting and installation of the espresso machines and we follow with the basic maintenance, the replacements of worn elements, the variations in pressure and temperature and the most common damages as descaling.

All the phases of the course, all the details, are easy to be followed thanks to the double camera system.

Our Trainers...


Robert Brinck

With an Hipster beard, Dutch and very very fond about coffee (for a lot of time he has roasted his beans at home, in a frying pan!). How could we let him run away? Robert is the landmark of the group for the English courses, and is also the trainer of the courses for technicians … With the screwdriver is a master!

Simone Celli

Trainer? Simone is a real barista and owner of coffee shops! But strange to say, he finds even the time to be the editor of the blog, the most important Italian coffee blog. In our team he is the trainer for latte art and brewing, LAGS Certifier, and a world-wide expert about the coffee specialties!

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