Your coffee business is already running but you are not really satisfied? You are not reaching the break even point of your business? You’re not satisfied by the quality of your menu and your service? You have a wonderful location but not enough customer yet? Your are not able to communicate the value of your offer to your customers? The price of your menu are not in line with your targets?

Our team can help you in enhancing the strengths of it and identifying and reducing weaknesses on your activity to reach the desired targets. To do that we will move in three steps:

1st STEP


  • With an online or onsite consulting we always start with an analysis of your business to understand what is going wrong.
  • The first step will be the evaluation of the location to understand if it is in line with your target market.
  • Then we passed to evaluate the mission, the brand, how you communicate it to the customers in the Coffee shop and on social media. 
  • Evaluating the offer, the menu and the lay out of the business will be really important as calculating the right food cost of every recipe to give them the right prices.
  • Our team will help you in checking the real quality of your offer acting as mistery customer!

2nd STEP


Once evaluated what’s going wrong and what can be improved in your business to achieve the goal it’s time to work on it. Our team will find the strategies to follow until the break-even and the desired results are reached.


  • Changing the location it’s not an easy task, but we can try change the target and modulate the offer on that without moving (we have done several of these projects in Middle East).
  • A poor service could be one of the problem and our team, with years of experience in barista training can help your staff to get all the skills that they need to give the best Coffee experience to your customers.
  • You could have the best menu of the world but if it’s not related to your target that couldn’t work. This is a foundamental approach in coffee shop start up process, but also for an already existing one. We could study the right menu offer for your customers to increase the income of your business
  • Sometimes changing the working process and the workflow help you in not wasting money in useless labor and waste of raw material.
  • Doing business without communicate it is like not doing it, in these days communication is one of the most important part of it, from the inside of the Coffee Shop to the social media. Having the right communication for your brand can make you known by a wide potential target of customers.

3rd STEP


With a continuous check of the results achieved with our strategies we will support your business with our consultancy for the following months until the desired goal are reached.

  • We will arrange a weekly or monthly check of the results by mail to see which of our strategies are better working
  • Through a Skype talk we will support your business strategies to reach the break even point.
  • We will help in making a regular quality control of your service and menu


Our Projects...

We contacted Espresso Academy because we wanted to improve the level of the coffee shop in our restaurant in the very center of Budapest.
The main goal was to create true Italian standards, with recognizable recipes for a large clientele, both Hungarians and tourists, who know the taste of Italian coffee.

The consulting process began with some calls in which we defined with the managers of Espresso Academy the level from which we were starting and the elements we wanted to improve.

At that point EA prepared a menu and an operating manual for us, with recipes, step by step procedures, food costs and with photos of what the final preparation served to the customer should look like. A precious document that we continue to use after three years (and that we constantly update with the Espresso Academy group).

Simone, from EA, then visited us in Hungary, for a training in the field for our baristas. It was also an opportunity for our staff to learn latte art in depth. Another important value for our restaurant.

Marco, Akademia Italia Budapest Hungary

We named our microroastery Coffee & Records because our coffee rocks, just like the rest of our life, which led us to travel for work supporting many rock bands mainly in their trips to Central America and we guarantee we used to drink lots and lots of coffee then. Going from coffee drinking to coffee roasting isn’t easy for anyone but it definitely was and still is a journey full of good emotions. After participating in a number of courses in Florence with Espresso Academy, some of which private, we found space for our project in Edmonton close to a University but of course this was only the beginning. From there the real work began and our trainers of Espresso Academy had a crucial role in it! Maybe the most fun part was being able to tweak our roasting profiles with Marco through some online cupping session with samples that we sent him, a great way of using technology at it’s best in our consultancy 3.0!!

Susie The Grizzlar Coffee & Records Edmonton Canada

When we started to get interested in coffee, our group Chef’s Cut already had years of experience in teaching and consulting in the cooking industry. One of the main parts of our business was organizing food related tours around the world and during these travels it became more and more clear that coffee has become really important in many cultures and has become central in the food industry. From these observations we decided to start offering training and consultancy in the field of coffee and to get started we chose to include Espresso Academy in this project (we already knew Gabriele Cortopassi) and with their help we took our first steps: building a training center in our school in Antwerp, organizing field trips to experience the production in coffee plantations and being able to offer an extra “coffee” section in our normal work as consultants. With the pandemic we made our offer list even longer by adding a catalogue of videocourses created by Espresso Academy which we now sell in full partnership with them. A collaboration with mutual advantages that we are maintaining over time.

Eric The Chef’s Cut Antwerp Belgium

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