The most complete coffee training course in the world
in a single academic year!


The course

A coffee university: all the courses, all the levels in an intense semester!


Next Coffee Campus intakes: April 2024 May 2024


In Florence - Tuscany - one of the most beautiful city of Italy.


The possibility of covering, in a single route, all the SCA, IBC and LAGS certification.


It' is a journey that we build together with the student and their project. Contact us to define your study path.

What the Espresso Academy Coffee Campus includes:

  • The basic (or foundation) level of the courses: barista, latte art, brewing, green coffee, sensory, roasting
  • The advanced (or intermediate level) of the courses: barista, brewing, green coffee, sensory, roasting
  • The professional level of the courses: barista, brewing, green coffee, sensory, roasting
  • The Latte Art Grading certification courses at white, green, orange, red and black levels
  • Coffee machine maintenance technician course
  • The SCA sustainability course
  • The coffee shop management course with practical sessions for evaluating the location, business plan, layout in relation to the target, technical manual. Simulation of real cases
  • The ability to take all IBC certification exams and the final Coffee Specialist Passport
  • The ability to take part in all SCA certification exams
  • Stage in a micro roastery, evaluation of green coffee, cuppings, roasting with the use of software
  • Possibility to visit companies such as Eureka, La Marzocco, La San Marco and Dalla Corte.

Within the Campus path it is naturally possible to take part only in the courses of one's own interest, building one's own individual route.

SCA, IBC and LAGS certifications are optional.

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The Espresso Academy Coffee Campus is divided into two sessions that take place approximately three months apart.

Coffee campus first session

The first session lasts about 25/30 days depending on the format.

In this phase, the basic and intermediate courses are held, the basic level of latte art, the sustainability course and the internship phases to establish the skills well.

In this phase you can access the SCA foundation and intermediate exams, the IBC basic levels and the related Coffee Specialist Passport and the white, orange and green levels of LAGS


Coffee Campus second session

After about three months, the time required by SCA to access the professional exams, the second part takes place, lasting about 23/25 days, with all the professional courses, the technical course and the coffee shop management part with practical exercises.

In this phase you can access the SCA professional exams, the IBC Advanced levels and the related Coffee Specialist Passport and the red and black levels of LAGS

The most complete coffee training course in the world,
proposed by Espresso Academy,
one of the most famous coffee training centers in the world!

Why Espresso Academy Coffee Campus


A complete path, from 0 to 100, to acquire the most complete and up-to-date professional knowledge of the world of coffee and its mark


Within the same structure, and with the same trainers, to make the various training areas interact in a unified way.


From course to practice, with internships and hands-on exercises in the various areas


All trainers are specialized in various areas, authorized trainers for SCA, IBC or LAGS authorized and with decennial experience


With the certainty of the unbeatable prices of Espresso Academy and with the possibility of deferring the payment in three installments with Stripe.


The campus is held in Florence, Italy, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! The best opportunity for an unforgettable vacation. 

You will share your campus in a group of students from all over the world!

Gabriele Cortopassi

business consultant for the opening of coffee shops and chains, blogger, author and trainer in the coffee and business field.
SCA AST authorized trainer and IBC authorized trainer

Simone Celli

head barista. Training consultant, coffee counter layout, menu setting.
LAGS authorized trainer  and IBC authorized trainer


Robert Brink

consultant for the areas: green coffee, roasting, development of blends and new products, sensory evaluation of single origins and blends
SCA AST authorized trainer and IBC authorized trainer

Marco Cremonese

consultant for the construction of roasting plants, even on a large scale, one of the leading European roasting specialists.

SCA AST authorized trainer



Where to stay

The students taking part in the Espresso Academy Coffee Campus (and in the related vacation in Florence) can enjoy a long list of accommodations that, working in partnership with Espresso Academy, can offer discounts to the participants.

Among them you can find hostels, B&B, apartments and hotels! Among these choices you will just have to decide whether to have your hotel in the very center (to enjoy the atmosphere of the city) or near the venue of the courses (to wake up late in the morning ;-).

However, bear in mind that an efficient light train system will take you from the center to the school in 12 minutes.


How to enroll the Espresso Academy Coffee Campus

In the Espresso Academy Coffee Campus, on the other hand, it is possible to build one's own training path, and also by taking part in the entire 45-day programi (plus free interships and visits) the final price will be much much lower!

The prices of the single areas/courses are

  • Basic (or foundation) levels  from 150€ to 180€ each  (1 day each)
  • Intermediate  (or advanced )levels   from 240€ to 480€ each   (2 days each)
  • Professional levels 810€ each  (3 days each)
  • Latte art basic and advanced 240 €   (2 days plus eventual LAGS  certifications)
  • Technician course   370€   (3 days)
  • Coffee sostibuility SCA 160€   (1 day)
  • Coffee shop management 130€     (1 day)

The total is  7.935€ but 

  • Taking part to at least 15 days you have a further 15% discounts
  • Taking part to at least 23 days you have a further 18% discounts

And, completely free of charge for take part to at least 23 days we have:

  • Additional practical stages of management, with the preparation of a business plan
  • Additional free visits to sponsor companies
  • Additional internship in our micro roastery

Please contact us to have the detailed dates and to let us know your project, we will decide together your path into the Coffee Campus world.
No payments in anticipation, we will need just your name, surname, Email address and telephone number.
Payment can be made via bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or cash.

It will be possible to pay the total sum of the courses booked in three installments through Stripe, otherwise the balance will be requeted every four days of courses.

At the end of each course, students will receive the related certifications, the slides used during the course itself and any related video courses, which can, to refresh their memory, be watched when and as much as they want.

SCA, IBC and LAGS certifications are not included and must be paid ot the respective associations.

Our technical partners

Espresso Academy is active since many years, this is why it is considered as very reliable and can enjoy many technical partners.

Our courses are hold with machines from Dalla Corte, La San Marco, Elektra, La Marzocco, Mahlkonig, Eureka, Macap, Probat, Imf. In this way the participants can get t know and work with different technologies.

The Espresso Academy Coffee Campus is also supported by the technical partners Atago, Caffelab, Hario, Lightshells, Sinar, Moccamaster, Roami, Mokaflor and others.

Thanks to these partnerships, it will be possible for students to take part in various visits to manufacturing companies during the campus.

Coffee campus: a professional course, many advantages

With an increasing complexity and competition in the world of coffee, in continuous evolution in terms of technology and formats, having complete knowledge is more and more important, fundamental

After all, the world of coffee is becoming like that of food, hotellerie or mixology. Knowing it thoroughly means following a path that goes from knowledge of the raw material to knowledge of the physics and chemistry of cooking (roasting and extraction in the case of coffee) up to the technological knowledge of the machines used.

From theory to practice

During the Espresso Academy Coffee Campus there is a continuous interaction between the necessary theoretical and and a very practical part, to fix the skills and start using them immediately in the professional field. Roasting, cupping, green coffee sorting, latte art, brewing and coffee shop management exercises take place throughout the campus itself, with the support of the trainers themselves.


Coffee campus: unbeatable prices

If thanks to its structure, its wide diffusion (over fifteen partnerships in the world) and its technical sponsors, Espresso Academy already has the best prices in the world of coffee training, the Campus system allows access to all courses and certifications at even more unbeatable prices, with further discounts compared to individual Academy courses.

Furthermore, the campus integrates many other free pluses such as internships, practical exercises and visits to companies. An unmissable opportunity for the top of knowledge!

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