The exclusive training system created by Espresso Academy for its partners

Italian Barista Certificate, or IBC, is a certified training protocol used all over the world.

IBC is the unique training protocol created by Espresso Academy and used by all its partners from all over the world (here the complete list). 

IBC focuses on the real needs of the barista: to be able to prepare the required recipes with efficiency, speed and self confidence. In practice it is an entirely practical training protocol, so much so that the theory is carried mainly with an online training system, so that all the time in the classroom is dedicated to practice.

IBC is also extremely updated: the most updated knowledge, the latest tools, the coolest approaches!



 is also a system that understand how the profession and passion of the barista is not made up only of espresso and cappuccino, in fact IBC recovers the original recipes of the tradition and history of espresso. In short, being an IBC certified barista means being an up-to-date barista with a broad knowledge of coffee: in skills, traditions and recipes from all over the world!

A truly complete training, for those who make coffee a job or a passion!

However, the work and passion of the barista is updated and expanded, in the IBC system the barista is called to know how to prepare extractions in a filter, know how to set up a professional espresso machine and even know how to define the business plan and the food cost.


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The IBC training areas

Risorsa 6-8


The barista world at 360 degrees.
The two levels of this certification range from knowledge of coffee to the preparation of a perfect espresso and cappuccino up to learning recipes such as shaked coffee, frappuccino and Caffè Leccese. You learn how to set up coffee machines and learn how to manage the food cost of a bar. Everything a knowledgeable bartender needs, and the theoretical part is done at home, so that we have plenty of time in class!

Risorsa 4-8

Brewing the world

A modern and very ancient world is the brewing revisited by IBM. In fact, with the "Brew the world" format we start from classic brewing (extraction parameters + modern extraction methods) up to regional and traditional methods: Ibrik, dallah, Vietnamese coffee, South American "sock", Italian moka, cuccumella from Neaples and so on... Because coffee is a very large world, in time and space!

Risorsa 5-8

Roast & Cup

The two levels of this area combine the operator's ability to "know how to work" the raw material in each step of the supply chain. A knowledge of green coffee, chemistry and sensory roasting and tasting techniques will be necessary for a complete "coffee specialist"

Risorsa 2-8

Latte Art

Latte art has become a fundamental part of the bar world; we can say that in many contexts, if you don't know how to make latte art you are not a barista! This is why the IBC system dedicates a basic area and an advanced area to this fundamental skill!


The IBC certification level


The basic level of all areas of the Italian Barista Certificate aims, in an intense course that already begins at home with the theoretical part, to give all the foundations to be able to work and to get to know coffee and its many nuances.

The basic level is cut in such a way that it can be, for those who want it, a course in itself sufficient to start working, to start building your own way in the world of this wonderful product.



IBC's advanced level aims for the top, and since IBC is the training protocol where we “Make” this level aims for the top not only in knowledge, but also in self confidence, skill, dexterity and awareness. At the Advanced level you can also take part in the "barista time trial" to establish your own personal record and become the world record holder!

The passport

Passing all the exams of a certain level leads to being a true Coffee Specialist, an important skill which concerns the entire coffee supply chain and which must be certified.

All passed exams are recorded on a “passport card”. Those who pass the 4 basic level exams obtain the title of:

Junior Coffee specialist

Those who pass, in addition to the basic levels, also the 4 advanced levels obtain the title of

Coffee specialist.

All certifications are officially  reported in  the Italian Barista Method website