Courses are the base of learning, but there are some topics, such as the Latte Art, which need a lot of practice and not everyone already has a bar or, in general, the space to practice.

Open Days

This is why, at the Espresso Academy, every month we offer open days in which you can train the following:
  • Practical skills: for example, frothing milk for Latte Art or setting the coffee grinder...
  • Experimenting: from the brewing techniques to different espresso extraction methods...
  • Tasting: new specialty and farm coffees, or for example, finding the perfect blend for your bar or restaurant!
  • Reading: we have a wide selection of books that you can choose from in our library!


The Open Days are for free and there is always one of our trainers at your disposal for further information!

The Jam Session

Good coffee and quality are given not only by theory and books, but you also need a lot of experimenting, innovation and research. This is why we host free Jam Sessions at our school in which, all together, we analyze, experiment and share our knowledge. These events are also the perfect occasion to host experts for water, cleaning and maintenance, and so on…

Calendar of courses

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