Intermediate Green Coffee SCA Course

The Intermediate Green Coffee SCA Course takes place, as per SCA protocol, in two full immersion training days. The course restarts from the basic course, deepening topics such as variety and cultivar, bourbon, caturra, gesha and so on.

In the course also a lot of practice on the classification and evaluation of coffee, on the analysis of market prices through the examination of defects, in the measurement of humidity and density. Again, cupping tests to compare the samples sent by the farmers.

  • SCA - The course allows you to access, if asked, the SCA Green Coffee Intermediate exam. This exam is requested, in combination with other exams, to get all the SCA diplomas.

      Courses are held in English

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One Journey, One Vacation In Italy

The dates of the Espresso Academy courses are always set in such a way as to allow you to take part in several courses, one day after another, to give the maximum value to your trip, and your Italian vacation.

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Program of the course

  • Beyond the “Arabica and Robusta”: the concept of variety and cultivar
  • Structure and nomenclature of the bean
  • Deepening of the bean processing and the related organoleptic changes
  • Density measurement
  • Humidity measurement
  • Coffee diseases, toxins and molds
  • Coffee trading, the Incoterm system
  • The concept of differential in coffee price composition
  • Practical tests of identification of the variety
  • Practical tests for the identification of primary and secondary defects
  • Practical tests of humidity and density measurement
  • Cupping test: distinguish if the coffee tasted is the same as the given sample 
  • Practical tests on the intermediate SCA Green Coffee exam
  • Possible exam Green coffee SCA intermediate


* SCA suggests to have already attended the SCA Sensory Foundation level before this exam.

SCA certification

At the end of this course it is possible to take part to the SCA green Intermediate level certification. Anyone wishing to take part in the certification exams are asked to report it to us when registering for the course. In our school you can also book Green Professional certifications. For more info on SCA certifications, consult this page.

I nostri Trainer


Robert Brinck

Robert entered the coffee industry at the age of twenty and since then he's collaborated with us as a trainer in our courses and contributed to bring to life many of our projects. Together we've been able to develop a specific course for espresso machine maintenance and created a small international community of expert technicians helping each other by sharing professional advice Outside of our courses Robert has a role in quality control and roasting of specialty coffees for CaffeLab and, in our consultancy projects for roasting companies and coffee shops he is responsible for the selection of the necessary equipment, coffee and development of the final product.
Green Coffee Course Intermediate SCA

Marco Cremonese

One of the most known italian coffee and roasting experts. Marco has a large portfolio of consultancies for famous coffee roasting companies and is an official SCA trainer for coffee roasting, tasting and green coffee. He´s also frequently been chosen by the World Barista Championship to roast the coffees for the competitions


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