Italian Breakfast Pastry Course

The Italian Coffee Breakfast is not just Espresso and Cappuccino, and in this Italian Breakfast Pastry Course you will learn how to prepare a wide range of Italian Breakfast Pastry, from the classic Cornetto to delicious cream and raisins rolls.

We created this Italian Bakery Course for the barista who want to learn how to make italian cornetti and other italian bakery for Coffee Shop.





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The course starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 5 p.m. with a short lunch break.  This course is held by our partner Gigliocooking in Via del Ghirlandaio 6/b, just  a few minutes walk from Piazza della Repubblica.

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Italian Breakfast Pastry Course

Traveling through different regions in Italy, people can find so many different and noticeable sweets that are worth to be tried. This Italian Pastry Course is an overview on basic techniques and on the recipes of the best known ones in Italy (and also out of it).
The making of this kind of dough is based on two basic pillars:

• using of the metabolism of a particular microorganism called “yeasts”
• ”Gluten” development, a substance obtained from wheat proteins during kneading process

But, the main ingredient not mentioned above is the time: the necessary lapses among the phases has to be firmly respected in order to obtain the right result. The right making of kneading technique will let us obtain a resistant structure holding gases produced by yeast fermentation causing in this way the dough to rise in volume. Fermentation will also give a delicious flavor to our baked products.

Program of the course 

  • Analysis of ingredients (strength flours, sugars, fats, yeast and complementary ingredients)

  • Direct and indirect mix

  • Biga and poolish

  • Flavouring

  • Order of insertion of the ingredients in the dough

  • Layering

  • Formats and brioche weaving technique

  • Shape of small pieces: croissants, Venetian blinds, saccottini etc ...

During the course we will prepare....

  •  Puff pastry, Brioche dough, Eggwash for danish pastries, Syrup for brushing, Cream and raisins rolls, Pastry cream, Danish pastries, Croissant, Italian “cornetto”.....

Our trainer


Giovanni Stecca

Giovanni Stecca has a technical mind, an easy way of teaching and magical skills in his hands. His theoretical explanations change the difficulty of the practical procedure from hard to do-able: the result is always a delight for palate. Knowing the secrets of rising process, strength of flours, temperatures and timing, will make you able to prepare great Italian breakfast pastry to match with your Espresso.

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